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one guy's opinion on road trip essentials

Whether you're driving cross-country or cross-town, a few sturdy, well-conceived essentials will help you stave off hunger, thirst, and peril along the way.

Snap-On Tools Brass Tire Pressure Gauge ($61) because properly inflated tires matter

Ka-Bar Lake Effect Ice Scraper ($9) for fighting zombies during an ice storm, obviously

Randolph Engineering Polarized Aviator Sunglasses ($299) for negative 4G inverted dives

South Forty Sunflower Seeds ($7) because sunflower seeds are both nutritious and fun

INGEAR autoXscape Car Emergency Multi-Tool ($50) for after negative 4G inverted dives

Yeti Ramber 20oz Tumbler ($35) for all the caffeine your brain can handle

Snow Peak Titanium Spork ($10) because titanium is cooler than single-use plastic

Filson Howling Wolf Bottle Opener Keychain ($60) for popping bottles of root beer


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